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In 1997, Squaresoft Inc. (now Square-Enix) made a game SaGa Frontier for the Sony Playstation. Some love it, many hate it, most hear its name and go, "huh?"
This game's small but devoted following is blessed with a number of skilled hackers who have delved into the tangled mass of this game's insanely complicated programming and wrested forth cold, hard data on the guts and inner workings of this astoundingly fun, if needlessly confusing, video game.
Luckily for the rest of us, the internet has brought a number of these people together in a forum of group communication where their findings can be discussed with a large group of inquiring minds. The information on a message board, however, is epehemeral by nature, prone to being deleted if not backed up elsewhere.
That elsewhere is here.


First, foremost, and mostest the credit for the information goes to the wunderkinden who choose to contribute their findings to GameFAQs' SaGa Frontier guide listing and message board. It is these code-savvy fans of the game who have provided this site with its library of useful information, which I merely collect and present.
All information on this site, unless noted otherwise, is used with the express permission of those who discovered it. Do us all a favor by not plagiarizing this site. If you wish to reuse or mirror information you find on this site, email me on the matter and I will either contact or put you in contact with those who may give you permission to use their findings. They're a generous lot, unlikely to refuse as long as you have the respect to ask their permission.

More specifically, I'd like to thank (in no particular order) the people who communicate by the handles of Alex Jackson, winterking heish, JusticeZero, Polygon, DoomSwell, The_Masamune, Oulak, and Night Lord Imoto for their various and sundry contributions.